Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Power Of Custom Training Programs

Over the last year MPR has been tweaking and perfecting an offering that it believes is one of the most effective and cost efficient coaching services for the vast majority of distance runners – The Custom Training Program.
Why A Custom Training Program
You put a lot of time and effort into your running and preparing for your races.  You deserve a training program that will help you get the most out of that time and effort, one that best prepares you to achieve your goals.  In order to best accomplish that, you need a program that is designed specifically for you by a knowledgeable and experienced coach, one designed for your unique situation, for your strengths and weaknesses, for your background in the sport, and for your personal work, life and race schedules.  A generic program you find on-line or in a book just can’t do that for you.  Why spend dozens or even hundreds of hours training, and hundreds of dollars on race entry and travel, but leave your fitness level up to some one-size fits all generic program.  You deserve better than that, you deserve something custom, something designed specifically for you. 

Why MPR's Custom Training Programs
Every MPR Custom Training Program is personally designed for you by MPR’s Head Coach Mark Hadley.  Coach Hadley brings his 30+ years of experience in the sport, his coaching knowledge from having successfully coached and designed programs for hundreds of runners, and his relentless research and analysis of the sport of running, to bear on every program he designs.  You never get a program designed by an assistant, intern or hobby coach, your custom program always get’s Coach Hadley’s full attention.

Coach Hadley’s training programs have one of the best (if not THE best) track records of success in the sport.  His training programs have produced:
·  Hundreds of personal bests times at distances ranging from 800 meters to 100 miles
·  Dozens of successful first time half marathon and marathon races
·  Over 100 Boston Marathon Qualifying times
·  Hundreds of age group victories
·  Dozens of overall race winners
·  Dozens of race course records
·  7 different runners qualified for the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials
·  4 U.S. single-age national records
·  Multiple Top 10 performances at USATF national championships
·  2 Top 12 overall finishers in Major Marathons (NYC & Chicago)
·  2nd place finish at the Western States 100 miler

Power Of Levering Continuity Between Training Cycles
In December of 2010, Walt Guyer ran his first marathon, the Thunder Road Marathon in Charlotte, NC, in 3:22:54.  This was not the performance Walt was looking for so he decided to get help in his preparations for future marathons.  Walt has run 8 marathons since then and each time has gotten a MPR Custom Training Program to follow in his preparations.  The results have been dramatic.  In the first year (2011) Walt dropped his marathon down to 3:08 in the spring and then down below 3 to 2:58 in the fall.  In each subsequent year Walt’s PRs have continued to fall, then in the spring of 2015 Walt won (1st overall) the Wrightsville Beach Marathon with a 2:43:46 performance, some 39 minutes faster than his first marathon a few years earlier.  Walt is currently finishing up his 9th MPR Custom Training Program and is prepared to continue his yearly PR streak at the 2016 Boston Marathon.  This improvement has been possible because of Walt’s great work ethic and desire to improve, and also because he has had the same coach (Coach Hadley) design his programs for each marathon and so that coach was able to incrementally bring Walt’s training along to a higher and higher level once he was ready for it, allowing the improvements to keep coming.     

[Edit: The custom training programs also helped Walt lower his 5k PR from 18:29 to 16:46 and half marathon PR from 1:28:54 to 1:16:33 during this time]

More and more runners are starting to follow this path of getting a new MPR Custom Training Program each training cycle, cycle after cycle, and it is bringing great results.  Not every runner needs or wants a personal coach on a day to day basis, but having consistency in who is designing their training programs is very beneficial to them.  Regardless if it is for a 5k, 10k, half marathon or marathon, having the consistency and continuity of who is designing your training from one training cycle to the next, can be instrumental to keeping the improvements coming. 
What You Get In Every MPR Custom Training Program
·        Custom Detailed Day-By-Day Training Program:  there will never be a question in your mind what to do that day or how to do it, you will have it all laid out for you in a detailed day-by-day training plan that was designed specifically for you and your situation, in order to help you get to your goals.
·        Training Pace Calculator with Heat/Humidity Adjustor:  this is an easy to use calculator build in to your custom program that will show you the proper training pace ranges to use for all your workouts and what type of race times those training paces correlate to.  And when warm and/or humid weather hits, it automatically adjusts your paces for those conditions.
·        Workout Notes & Tips:  for every run you do, you’ll have a notes and tips to tell you the purpose of the run, how best to execute that run, what it should feel like, the approximate pace range, the approximate heart race range.  So no matter how you like to approach your runs (by feel, pace, or heart race) you’ll have all the information you need to get the most out of it.
·        Warm-Up and Cool-Down Routines with Videos:  one of the first lines of defense against injuries and one of the easiest ways to promote efficient running is through a good, simple warm-up and cool-down routines.  2 warm-up and 2 cool-down routines (1 for before & after easy runs & 1 for before and after hard workouts) are included with a video and explanation of, each stretch/exercise. Short, simple but effective routines that make the most of your time.
·        Strength & Form Drill Routines with Videos:  another important element of injury defense and good efficient running is establishing and maintaining good strength in and balance between muscle groups used in running.  So 3 simple strength routines are included your custom program.  One focused on core muscles, one on form specific drills and one focused of leg, glute and hip strength.  Each routine is short and concise, no GYM or fancy equipment needed, and each exercise and drill is demonstrated in a video and with a thorough explanation. 
·        Adjustment Rules: no matter how well we plan there is always the chance for unexpected events to happen, such as an unexpected work meeting or trip, you catch a stomach bug that is going around, or have a household emergency that causes you to miss a workout to two.  So included in your custom program is a list of rules to use in those instances to help you get back on schedule with as little negative impact as possible.  
·        3 Of MPR’s Invaluable Guides
o   Racing Strategy Guide:  a comprehensive guide on how to approach racing in order to get the best performance out of yourself and to maximize the fitness built up in training.  Regardless of how you like to approach races (by feel, pace or heart rate) we have you covered in this Guide.  From your pre-race taper, to breaking the race up into segments, to in race hydration and fueling, to tips on how to stay focused and determined, this guide will have you confident and ready to roll come race day.
o   Training Approach Guide:  great all around guide on how to view and approach training, with explanations, tips, reminders and other useful information that help make your training as effective, fun and safe as possible. 
o   Runner’s Nutritional Guide:  basic guide and tips on how to ensure you are getting the proper nutrition to fuel your body for the demands of long distance running so that you get the most out of your training and racing. 

MPR Custom Training Programs
  • For all ages (from 8 to 80) and ability levels (from beginners to professionals)
  • Race distances from 5k to ultramarathons
  • Between 8 and 24 weeks in length
  • From $100 (8 weeks) to $200 (24 weeks) in price

     To get signed up or learn more click here:
    MPR Custom Training Program


  1. What was Walt Guyer's shorter distance personal bests before embarking on ur training programs right from the start?

    1. During the time Walt has been using the MPR Custom Programs his 5k PR has improved from 18:29 (before) to 16:46 (now) and his half marathon PR from 1:28:54 (before) to 1:16:33 (now). His 1:16:33 is from last month when he won the Corporate Cup Half Marathon in Charlotte, NC. These PR's were set during his Fundamental Phases preceding a marathon Specific Phase.