Monday, November 23, 2015

Goals vs Dreams

Dreams are great things you want to have happen and really hope happens.

Goals are dreams you set as a priority in your life and sacrifice and work your butt of daily to make happen.

Dreams are the birth place of goals, but not every dream becomes a goal.  If dreams are the seeds then it is hard work and sacrifice that are the water and fertile ground that help that seed blossom into a goal.

Dreams are wonderful, but dreams do not change the world unless someone believes in them enough to make them their goal.

When MLK Jr. gave his iconic "I Have A Dream" speech, what made it so impactful is that it planted a seed that he and many others believed in it enough that they made their goal.

As a coach I am blessed to hear many people's dreams.  But what gets me really excited is when I see them take that dream and transform it into their goal.  Some of what I do is help them identify what they need to do in order to take that dream and turn it into a realizable goal.  Sometimes they don't like or don't accept my answer.  But when they do and take the steps to make their dream their goal, that is when I really roll up my sleeves and drive in as a coach to do everything I can to help them achieve that goal.  My goal is to use my knowledge and passion in the sport of running to help others take that step to transform their dream into a goal, and then to help them realize that goal.