Friday, March 24, 2017

New Resource Website For Distance Runners

While I plan to add another chapter or two (like “Strength Training For Distance Runners”) to the free book I have been publishing here over the last 6 months, I wanted to pause to give everyone a heads-up on a new resource I have established to help runners.

As I have said before, to me coaching is all about stewardship, using the knowledge and experience I have gained over 40 years as a runner, and 10+ years as a coach, to help others pursue and achieve their running goals. But I want to help more than just the runners who want and can afford personal coaching. So I am publishing this resource website, free for all (runners and coaches alike) to read and enjoy, maybe learn something from it, or potentially have it prompt them to look at something from a slightly different viewpoint.  If any of those happen and help you or your runners in pursuit of running goals, mission accomplished.

To that end, I have transformed the Maximum Performance Running (“MPR”) website into a resource website for distance runners.  

Here is what it includes so far:

Race Times – a page contains a chart of equivalent race times over all popular race distance from 5k to marathon.  The charts subdivided by the type of runner you are and your mileage level so customize it to you and see what times you could expect at various race distances. Your race times assign you a certain point level which you can use to determine your most effective training paces (listed on the Training Paces page). 

Training Paces – this page shows you the most effective training paces (per mile and per kilometer) for your runs and workouts given your fitness level, based on the race times charts. Having these most effective paces helps you get the most out of each workout and the time you spend training.  The charts on this page can also show you where you need to progress to in your training in order to run your goal times. 

Workouts – a complete list of recommended workouts for distance runners including their purpose and notes and tips and how to best execute each.  Each workout has a good range of durations and paces allowing for customization, variety and progression options within each workout type. We’ll be adding notes and tips on how to build in progressions in distance and paces in the near future.

Free Training Programs – 92 different training programs for the marathon and half marathon (46 programs for each race).  The programs are organized by number of runs per week, mileage level, and length of program.  From beginner to age group champion, it’s easy to find an effective program for you. 

Custom Programs – Can't find a free training program that is just right for you or your situation?  I will personally design a custom training program specifically for you, for your personal situation, your strengths and weaknesses and your work, life and race schedules.  And you'll be giving back as you get faster as 15% of all custom program proceeds are donated to charity. 

About/Coaching – My Personal Coaching option and a background summary on me as a coach and some of my coaching highlights, so you know from where the information on this site comes from.

Race Paces – this is a handy reference charts showing you the per mile and per kilometer paces for race times and distances from 5k to the marathon. Know exactly the pace you need to hit to get the time you are after.

Marathon Calendar – a listing by month, and link to, all marathons in the U.S. and Canada with over 500 finishers last year.  Great page to visit as you plan out your racing year. 

FAQ – a listing of the most frequently asked questions that I hears from runners and my answers.  Good starting point to get many of your running questions answered.  Including how much to adjust your running paces in warm weather. 

Free Book – A link to each chapter in the book I published here. 

This is the initial version of this site but continue to check back often as new information will be added (a strength training page is in the works), and current information will be updated as warranted.  We never stop learning so this site will never be static.  And …  we’ll even keep working on the formatting to make it easier to use. :-)

Tell your running friends about the site, link to it on your blog and social media, and help us get the word out about this new resource.  Also please send me any feedback you have or questions you’d like to see on the FAQ section.   

Happy Running,

Coach Mark Hadley