Saturday, December 8, 2012

2016 U.S. Marathon Trials Project in conjuction with Maximum Performance Running is excited to announce the formation of the: 2016 U.S. Marathon Trials Project
Numerous years ago I got into the field of coaching because I have a passion for helping people chase and achieve their goals and dreams. And I have spent my time in coaching mainly focused on the marathon as my specialty, helping multiple runners achieve an elite level in the event.  So I am super excited for the opportunity to combine my specialty in coaching with my passion for helping people chase their dreams through the formation of's 2016 U.S. Marathon Trials Project.
- Coach Mark Hadley

Project Premise and Goals
The more people the United States has seriously training to run a high level marathon, the stronger, deeper and more competitive we become as a marathoning nation. For many serious runners, the goal and dream of competing in the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials keeps them training and competing at a high level, and motivates them to continue to improve. The 2016 U.S. Marathon Trials Project has been established to foster both of these things, to help deepen our country as a marathoning nation, and to help serious runners chase and accomplish their goals and dreams.'s 2016 U.S. Marathon Trials Project has 3 goals:
1. Help as many people as possible qualify for the 2016 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials
2. Help as many people as possible obtain the A Standard for the trials
3. Help as many people as possible finish at or near the top of the field in the trials race

Once we help a project member reach the trials standard, we help them work towards achieving the "A" standard (if not already acheived), once the "A" standard is achieved we help them work to maximize their placing in the trials race.
2016 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifying Standards

Men:       A standard - 2:15  B standard - 2:18  Alternate B Standard - 1:05 half marathon
Women:  A standard - 2:37  B standard - 2:43  Alternate B Standard - 1:15 half marathon

Qualifying window: August 1, 2013 until 30 days before the trials (est. winter 2015/2016)

Qualifying Standards To Join The Project

The project is open to any U.S. citizen who has run 1 (or more) of the below standards in the past 12 months.

Men:       Marathon - 2:30:00   Half Marathon - 1:11:00    10k: 32:00
Women:  Marathon - 3:00:00   Half Marathon - 1:25:30    10k: 38:30

Project Athletes Receive

Athletes in the Project will be trained using the training philosophy described on this site, that has been developed over the past decade by Coach Hadley.

- Initial consultation with Coach Hadley to discuss your running and training history and future goals and race schedule

- Complete and customized detailed training program, designed a training cycle at a time, but updated weekly

- Weekly e-mail exchange with Coach Hadley to report your results from training, have training paces and instructions assigned for the following week, and to make any adjustments to the program/schedule that are necessary.

- 24/7 access to Coach Hadley is a problems/issues arise or urgent communication is needed.

- Other items/resources as provide by sponsors/donors.

Project Cost To The Athletes

$75 per month*

*Discounted through sponsorship from Coach Hadley's coaching business, additional sponsors/donors being sought to lower this cost further.

Register / Questions
To register to be a member of the Project or for more information see our webpage:

or email Coach Hadley at:


The 2016 U.S. Marathon Trials Project is seeking sponsors and donors to:

- Provide the project members with free or deeply discounted products and services that may help them in their training and preparations.

- Provide funding to reduce the monthly cost of the project for members

If you or your company is interested in being a sponsor of the 2016 U.S. Marathon Trials Project, please contact Coach Hadley at


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  2. Mark, I'm not 100% sure, but I believe the term 'Olympic(s)' is a phrase owned by the IOC/USOC. Maybe you have looked into this already, but I know in my experience with clubs and programs we haven't been able to use the 'Olympic' designation without permission and/or sponsorship from those organizations. I just don't want to see any problems, as I think this is a great idea and I want to see it succeed.

    Just looking out,

  3. Hey John, thanks for the heads up I'll check into that. I may have to officialy modify it to "2016 U.S. Marathon Trails Project" or something similar. Thanks again - Mark

  4. Looks reasonable. I hope the women don't get too flustered by their qualifying times.

    By: Irene of Calgary Orthotics