Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Maximum Performance Running Launches New Coaching Options

Maximum Performance Running has initiated new coaching service options for distance runners of all ages and ability levels.  Options that are both effective in producing great running results, and affordable for most any budget in these tough economic times.
On-Line Coaching
On-line coaching is the coaching option designed for the serious runner looking for a personal running coach to help them take their running to the next level.   In this option Coach Mark Hadley becomes your personal running coach, consulting with you on all aspects of your training, and designing for you custom training programs in order help you reach your goals.  You and Coach Hadley have regularly scheduled feedback sessions, schedule adjustments and optimizations, and he is available to you 24/7 for when urgent situations occur that require immediate feedback and discussion.  Let Coach Hadley use his 30+ years in the sport of running, and his vast experience in successfully working with runners at all levels, to help you achieve your goals in the sport.
On-Line Coaching Includes:
-        Initial consultation(s) with Coach Hadley to discuss your running and training history and future goals and race schedule
-        Complete and customized detailed training program, designed a training cycle at a time, but updated weekly
-        Weekly e-mail exchange with Coach Hadley to report your results from training, get feedback on the week, have training paces and any specific instructions assigned for the following week, and to make any adjustments to the program/schedule that are needed for optimization.
-        24/7 access to Coach Hadley if problems/issues arise or urgent communication is needed
-        Personalized race strategies based on your training, strengths and weaknesses
Price:  $125 per month*
*Discounted to $75 per month for members of the: 2016 U.S. Marathon Trials Project
On-Line Coaching replaces “Personal Coaching” as a streamlined, more affordable option but one that still includes all the personal attention and customization that is critical to maximizing your running performances.
Click here to go to MPR's On-Line Coaching Page
Custom Training Programs
Custom program is the perfect choice of the runner who in the past has used a generic program found on the internet or in a book in order to train for their big races.   An MPR Custom Training Program helps them boost their performance through a training schedule that has been custom designed specifically for them, taking into account their strengths, weaknesses and personal situation (work, family, travel, vacations, race schedule).  You put a lot of time and effort into training, don't entrust that to some generic program, you deserve better!  Let Coach Hadley build you a personalized training program, so you can get the most from the time and effort you put into training for your next big race.

4 Easy Steps:

1) Select the program length you want (8-24 weeks) depending on your goal race and then register on-line
2) Coach Hadley sends you (via e-mail) a Runner Questionnaire to fill out
3) Fill out and return the questionnaire and Coach Hadley will follow up if there is any need for clarifications / additional information
4) Coach Hadley will design your custom training program and have it to you (via e-mail) within 5 days after receiving your questionnaire back.
Each Custom Program Includes:
-          Detailed Custom Training Schedule
-          Custom Race Plan
-          Tips, charts and fun extras
8 week -         $99.99
12 weeks  -  $124.99
16 weeks  -  $149.99
20 weeks  -  $174.99
24 weeks  -  $199.99
Click here to go to MPR's Custom Program Page
Consulting Session
The MPR Consulting Sessions are designed to help runners get answers to their running questions?  Coach Hadley offers 1-on-1 consulting sessions to help runners get answers, whether it is through a planning session, training plan review or design, or situation analysis.  The MPR consulting sessions is a chance to sit-down 1-on-1 and pick the brain of a coach with over 30 years of experience in the sport, and one who has successfully trained everyone from masters to youth and from beginners to elites?  Consulting sessions are available on the phone from anywhere or in person in the Charlotte, NC area. 
Price:  $50 per hour
Click here to go to MPR's Consulting Sessions Page
Making A Difference – Giving Back
Not only can MPR’s coaching services help you achieve your goals in running, but it can help make a difference for those with special needs.  MPR founder Mark Hadley’s family has been greatly affected by Autism (his youngest daughter and his nephew both have Autism).  So in order to be a good steward of the coaching skills he has been blessed with, Coach Hadley is donating 10% of all revenues from MPR’s coaching and consulting services to charities that focus on Autism Spectrum Disorders research, advocacy, and support.

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